We are Markoniz for Real Estate

Markoniz is a real estate development; marketing and business management firm that Leads generation and sales management, creating interior design and impression trends that provide market with new concepts.

We understand no matter where we are, we are still part of a changeable world, and we think that successful business should have the correct global approach which helps it to pass overseas markets. We earn customer loyalty and respect when we effectively differentiate them from their competitors and leverage their brand identity standards as a vehicle for impact and success.

Markoniz was founded in February 2013 in Egypt by Egyptian entrepreneurs Reda Wahba, Ahmed Abd Elmoteleb, Yasser sales, Hisham Shwehy as leaders in Real estate and construction , e-commerce and digital marketing, interior designing and business management and consultant in the region for over 15 years.

Markoniz is a marketing and development firm which works by offering marketing salutations to investors in different segments. Markoniz provides clients with plans, consultation and new concept of marketing. Markoniz has portfolio for its co-founder of their work over EGP 180,000,000.


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